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Whether you are looking for a more comprehensive view of the people you serve, or just an easier way to keep track of the little things, HealthHive has you covered.


HealthHive is a data headquarters that takes your organization, the people you serve, and their families into account. Within healthcare, technology solves problems, but often at the expense of user experience. Care delivery can be complex, and each individual involved in care brings their needs and priorities. While there are many solutions designed to solve specific problems, we haven't found any that are designed to take all of the people involved in care into account, and that is what is needed to bring together the various workflows and needs that make up human-centered care.

Our goal is to help close those gaps in communication, information, and visibility your organization currently has around your patients so that you can focus on care and not playing phone tag.

At-Home Providers

Be better prepared for every encounter and document them with ease.

Be Prepared
Care Transitions

Get the visibility you need to make data-driven decisions that fit those you serve.

Make it Easy
Clinics & Hospitals

Cracks always exist, and we're here to make sure all of your patients stay out of them.

See it all

Keep track of all the moving pieces that keep you up at night, while giving visibility to those that care.

Get Engaged

At Home Providers

Simplicity in Your Workflow

Your job is providing the highest level of care possible, but efficiently managing that process can be overwhelming. We're here to give you tools to simplify the process in order to allow you to focus on doing what you care about -- helping people.

Structure and organize care activities

Each patient visit differs, and while the objectives of each visit should be set before you arrive, sometimes on the spot adjustments are unavoidable. HealthHive allows you to efficiently track the tasks and activities which need to be performed during each visit, while being flexible enough to record all the little challenges that come up along the way. Our tools also allow your team and your patients' families to stay up to date with how the tasks and visits went without any additional work on your end.

Better understand your patients

Giving great care starts with knowing who you're caring for. What are their goals and objectives? What matters to them? We engage the people you're caring for to ensure you have the best possible window into how they are feeling, and what they are achieving, even when you're not there.

Consistency of care delivery

Let's face it. As nice as it would be to be able to have the same patient get the same caregiver every time, it's just not always possible. But that doesn't mean they can't all have the same information. HealthHive allows you to arm your caregivers for success no matter where they are walking into by making important information easily accessible. Your whole team can now know everything from what needs to be done to what ice cream flavor will get the biggest smile.

Clinics & Hospitals

Ever wonder what your patients actually do when they aren't with you?
Let HealthHive solve that mystery, so you can provide better care.

Beyond your facility

How often have you used your rescue inhaler this week? Are you still experiencing pain while in Florida? Has your mood changed since starting your meds? With the Hive Portal® you have the ability to extend the reach of your Care Team, even when your staff is not present. By assigning them Tasks that they (or their loved ones) can complete in a fun way, directly from their Hive, you can get information that will allow you to be proactive, or just more informed for their next visit.

Who else cares for your patients?

Like unicorns, truly integrated systems are magical things, but rarely exist. HealthHive gives your Patients the ability to consolidate all of their patient portals and records into one place, so whether they use it for reference while in your office, or grant you complete visibility via our fully searchable Hive Portal®  you can start making care decisions based on all the data, not just what you're lucky enough to have.

Can you hear me now?

Eliminate phone tag, voicemails, and the hassle of misinformation. The Hive Portal® allows  you to record every time you touch-base with your patient while giving visibility to anyone with the right permissions, including family members. Have information that is only useful to your co-workers? Don't worry we have a spot for that too.

Care Transitions

Good care happens when Patients are in the right place at the right time. Great care happens when their records, data, and information seamlessly flow along with them.

Simplifying the care plan

Engaging the family

Tag is fun, but not when it involves a phone. At any given time there can be multiple open questions around the daily clinical and non-clinical activities that need to be done, and it can easily feel like you are spending all day repeating yourself. We offer features like our TouchBase and Progress tools so everyone that should be able to access information about activities can. On top of that, at HealthHive we have an entire team focused on the best ways to get and keep our users engaged. This means everyone on your team and beyond can easily know the who, what, where, when and why, without you having to repeat yourself once.

Even the best-laid plans go awry, but HealthHive ensures that your Care Plans don't. In the HealthHive Portal® you can create general care plans with the help of your whole team. Those plans can then be customized as needed and assigned to specific patients, instantly populating their Hives with easy to answer survey questions and engaging To-Do's, that any member of their Hive, or your staff, can help out with. As your Patient works through their Care Plan, your whole team can get the benefit of tracking their progress in real-time, so you can be proactive and your Care Plan can be adaptable.

Reducing costs

Care Transitions are risky both for your patient and for your finances. Our goal is to decrease everyone's risks during Patient transitions by giving you the visibility and accountability you need to fix things before they go wrong. And if something does go wrong, our complete audit trail allows you to spot where things went off-course, so it doesn't happen again.

When you combine that with the time you save from easy communication and other efficiency gains, HealthHive's small per-patient fee generates an ROI that will make everyone happy.


Empower the people that rely on you

Caring for the people counting on you is only half the battle. The best outcomes come from empowering the people you care for and their families to take an active role in their health & wellness. By providing visibility and ownership through our personal Hive structure, and giving yourself oversight and co-management capabilities through our Hive Portal®, you can encourage active participation, without being overwhelmed by it.

Easier engagement

Engagement means something different to everyone. It could mean knowing a favorite TV show, sharing how a day went, or empowering someone to be involved in the upkeep of their health. Whatever it means to the population you serve HealthHive can make it easier. We make information easily accessible, record communications in one place, and give easy ways to track goals and progress all with tools that have been created for your demographic and their families.

Painless transitions

Transitions are an inevitability that are complicated enough without having to keep track of paperwork. Whether they are planned or unplanned HealthHive ensures that all the information that needs to be there is, so your staff can worry about the important things and not chasing down paperwork.

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