HealthHive for Personal Use
Your health and wellness concerns shouldn't be centered around where your paperwork is, so we created HealthHive.


We designed HealthHive to be the home-base for your health & medical records. Let us be the place where you know where everything is, discuss and plan with your loved ones, and where you are in charge.

Families & Caregivers

HealthHive keeps your family and team connected, regardless of how much distance and busy schedules keep you apart.

Do it Together

You've got this, and we've got your back with a safe, shareable and updatable place to keep all your stuff.

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Families and Caregivers

You are a nurse, chauffeur, planner, helper and so much more. Let HealthHive make your jobs easier. We'll take care of the paperwork so you can focus on what matters.

Get organized

Do you have multiple patient portals, vitals that need tracking, paper records from specialists and discharge instructions that you think are on a table somewhere? Never fear, HealthHive has your back. Not only do we give you a HIPAA-compliant, centralized place to store everything but we also help you keep it all sorted with our tagging system. Now that medication list is available from any device in an easy to read format making you confident that you will always be prepared.

Stay in the loop

Not everyone who cares can be at every appointment, but that doesn't mean they don't want to know what went on. HealthHive allows you to add as many Members to a Hive as you would like, and give them specific permissions so they can see exactly what you want them to. When you combine that with our Commenting and Conversation tool, you've got a winning (and well-informed) team.

HealthHive lets you

  • Track Vitals
  • Send Record Requests
  • Integrate Patient Portal(s)
  • Share all or Limited Access to Your Hive
  • Consolidate & Store Legal Documents
  • Create Care Teams (inc. Primary & Emergency Contacts)
  • Store & Organize Your Medical Records


Whether you're planning for the future, or just want a better handle on where your health information is, HealthHive has got you covered.

Get a head start

You wouldn't look for flour after you've already baked a cake, so don't wait for an emergency to get your medical records and information together. HealthHive allows you to consolidate your patient portals, and add additional records, into a Hive that is owned and operated by you. This means that all your medical and legal documents are organized and available to you from your desktop, tablet, or even your phone, whenever you need it.

Better doctor visits

We've all sat in the doctor's office and struggled to remember the answers to their questions. HealthHive can help you be more prepared by providing easy Vitals Tracking, Commenting and Conversations, Notes and even a Medication List. Better health outcomes come from  more informed conversations with your provider, and we can help.

Designed for you

At HealthHive we have created all the tools needed by big healthcare systems but we've designed them specifically with you in mind. We user-test with people from all walks of life to make sure that what we make can be easily used by you. We also listen to our Users about the features that matter to them, which is why we proudly offer a 100% HIPAA-compliant solution complete with features like Data Opt Out, so your data can stay yours.

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