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HealthHive is a virtual home base for patients and the people that care about them to consolidate and coordinate care.

Where HealthHive fits in the healthcare system

Whether you are a large organization managing 1,000s of patients, or a single patient looking to get a better handle on where your medical records are, HealthHive is here to help. Built as a scalable tool, we provide the pieces you need to make your existing workflow actually flow, without simply adding to your list of things requiring log-in.

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The most crucial times in a patient’s care journey is rarely during their in-office appointments. HealthHive allows you to keep an eye on your patient's daily progress, medication compliance, and to have a more complete picture of their health and wellness whether they are on their own, or getting a helping hand from your staff.

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HealthHive keeps your family connected, regardless of how much distance or busy schedules keep you apart. Keeping everything you need in order can seem impossible, but HealthHive allows you to keep track of everything, efficiently communicate with everyone in one place, and provides you with helpful tips and guides along the way.

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HealthHive is a team dedicated to helping patients improve care coordination and the quality of our user's life by providing an organized solution for medical records and information, with embedded tools for ongoing care, communication, and health & wellness information tracking. We strive to continually introduce innovative and non-intrusive ways to help everyone involved in the care continuum have the most complete picture of a patient's health.

We are proud to be a registered Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). This means that we not only put our aspirations on our website but we that we embed them into our daily business operations. Our core tenets ensure we stay true to our ongoing efforts to have a material positive impact on the health and wellness of society.

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