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HealthHive is here to make the care that happens in the home easier for everyone involved. Whether you’re delivering Personal Home Care or Home Health, empowering your client and their families with a personal Hive allows them to enjoy all its benefits as you control your preferred level of visibility into the day-to-day care that your staff provides. Best of all, HealthHive enables these benefits, with no extra work from your staff.

Families that Know What’s Going On

Families play an integral role in the successful delivery of care at home, even when they aren’t in the home. HealthHive allows family members to actively engage and stay up to date by providing clear visibility into the activities that have gone on during your visits, and highlights what needs to be done between your visits. Best of all, this transparency is built into our system, so it places no burden on your staff.

Technology that Actually Makes Life Easier

We know you already have systems in place, and at HealthHive we feel strongly that all of them, and us, should work in unison to make care management easier. That’s why we let you choose what HealthHive tools you’d like to use. Only want to give your families visibility into specific elements of care and have your staff use our digital check-in/check-out system? Not a problem. Only want to use us for convenient family-wide communication, we’ve got you covered.

Adjust to Staffing Challenges While Maintaining Consistent Care

Predictable, consistent, care experiences, even with different caregivers, have been proven to have better outcomes and yield better satisfaction rates, but in reality, this is rarely possible. Our platform allows for flexible team structures to thrive, while care remains consistent with tools like phone & care checklists and even team-based assignment logic. Best of all you can keep your MVPs happy (and create even more) through the clear instructions, communication and transparency that our system provides.

Strengthen Client Loyalty

You work hard to earn the trust of your clients, and HealthHive helps to strengthen their loyalty to you. While HealthHive delivers value to you, it changes caregiving for your client and their family. Facilitating ongoing communication amongst all parties means that when the family is working together, they recognize how you facilitate their coordinated care. You help them reduce and manage the stress of the unknown, provide resources to answer their questions, and enable shared care, addressing one of the biggest complaints of those involved in caregiving.

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