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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The most crucial times in a patient’s care journey are rarely during their in-office appointments. HealthHive allows you to keep an eye on your patient's daily progress, medication compliance, and to have a more complete picture of their health and wellness whether they are on their own, or getting a helping hand from your staff.

Beyond Your Facility

How often have you used your rescue inhaler this week? Are you still experiencing pain while in Florida? Has your mood changed since starting your meds? With HealthHive you also have the ability to extend the reach of your Care Team, even when your staff is not present. By assigning them Activities that they (or their loved ones) can complete in a fun way, directly from their Hive, you can get information that will allow you to be proactive, or just more informed for their next visit.

Who Else Cares for Your Patients?

Like unicorns, truly integrated systems are magical things, but rarely exist. HealthHive gives your Patients the ability to consolidate all of their patient portals and records into one place, so whether they use it for reference while in your office, or grant you complete visibility via our fully searchable Hive Portal®  you can start making care decisions based on all the data, not just what you're lucky enough to have.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Eliminate phone tag, voicemails, and the hassle of misinformation. We allow  you to record every time you touch-base with your patient while giving visibility to anyone with the right permissions, including family members. Have information that is only useful to your co-workers? Don't worry we have a spot for that too.

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