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HealthHive & Skilled Nursing Facilities

HealthHive provides a Resident-facing virtual care coordination “Hive” to improve post-discharge outcomes and satisfaction. We integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) to automatically create and fill the Hive with everything you want your Residents (and their families) to know, both decreasing your staff burden and supporting their continued recovery.

With minimal work by your staff,
HealthHive gives you the power to:

More efficiently and effectively manage post-discharge and readmission risk;
Strengthen your Resident and Family relationship; and
Improve your star ratings.

Care Coordination for Families

Expect 5-star reviews when you gift your Residents a personal Hive that they get to keep even after leaving your facility. With HealthHive, you are giving them the power to manage their care in a unique way. Their new Hive allows them to engage family and friends in their care. It also integrates and stores records from multiple health portals (including those from their recent stay) and enables them to find locally available Resources to help address their needs.

Discharge Planning Without the Hassle

HealthHive allows you to easily create actionable Care Plans that include educational materials and activities that can be assigned to your Residents (or their loved ones), helping them achieve their health goals and avoid readmission. Create the Care Plan once, and have it automatically assigned and distributed to Residents based on your preferences, and their EHR data.

Cures Act Compliance

HealthHive enables you to meet  your Cures Act obligations while delivering real value to your Residents. The Hive allows you to share the EHR data that will be most helpful to your Residents, without burdening your already overworked staff.

Communication Delivered Your Way

HealthHive enhances communication amongst your Organization, your Residents, and their loved ones. We offer a series of modular tools for you to pick from all of which focus on creating context-specific conversations that provide 100% transparency on who read them and when.

There is never enough time, which is why HealthHive has partnered with PointClickCare to automate your complete HealthHive workflow.

Implementation is easy


Approve HealthHive in thePointClickCare Marketplace.


Have a thirty minute phone call with our team to talk through your desired Care Plans and preferences.


We take it from there, with automation handling all of the work.

Eliminate staff stress with our workflow rules


Upon admittance, your Resident’s Hive is automatically built for them and, invitations to join their Hive are sent to them and their Primary and Emergency contacts.

During their Stay

During your Resident’s stay, you define the visibility and communication  you want to provide to their family.


Once it’s time for discharge we use triggers within PointClickCare to assign your pre-made or personalized Care Plans to Hive members, returning their responses and feedback directly back into Point Click Care (PCC) for your review.

Minimize Work & Maximize Impact

HealthHive gives you the power to more efficiently and effectively manage post-discharge and readmission risk, strengthen your relationship, and improve your star ratings. All with minimal work by your staff.

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