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Introducing Bi-Directional EHR Integration

January 10, 2022

Behind every Skilled Nursing Facility are multiple different digital systems that support their daily operations. How easily data passes between these systems can make (or break) workflows and save (or waste) hundreds of hours of  work and frustration. This is why HealthHive and PointClickCare are excited to announce the completion of bi-directional data integration between our systems.

HealthHive already allows Facilities to automatically populate the record types of their choice (such as Medications, Vaccinations and Conditions) from their instance of PointClickCare into the Hives that were automatically created for their Residents. This latest advance allows for the information captured in those Hives during the discharge process to be sent directly back into that Resident’s records within PointClickCare. This means that not only can SNFs use automation to provide clear tasks and activities to Residents and their family members, but that their feedback and information about those tasks can be accessed without logging into any additional systems.

Providing this level of integration is a key step on our long road of efforts to ease the strains on staff time and availability at the facilities we serve. Fortunately, the healthcare ecosystem is also supporting the importance of these efforts through how they are choosing to refer. In a 2021 poll, 78% of referring providers report they are likely to send more referrals to SNFs that can support advanced interoperability workflows.

While interoperability will always be a challenge, HealthHive and PointClickCare are dedicated to finding solutions that allow for free and open data flow. If you have an idea of what data flow challenges we should take on next, let us know at Growth@HealthHive.org?

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