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Local Resources Now In Your Hive

January 10, 2022

In keeping with HealthHive’s dedication to holistically addressing the needs of Patients, their Families, and their Caregivers, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Resource Center, now available in all Patient Hives. We enable users to search within their zip codes to find local Organizations that are willing and able to assist with everything from food & housing needs to transportation and even legal advice.

Our Resource Center efforts are supported thanks to our partnership with FindHelp.org (previously Aunt Bertha). Their network features more than 300,000 free and reduced-cost programs in all 50 U.S. states, territories, and Puerto Rico, powering social care systems for hundreds of customers nationwide.

We plan to continue to grow the offerings in our Resource Center to include other free and reduced cost programs as well as other resources that may be of service to our Hive Owners and their Members. Reach out and let us know if your business or group may have an offering that would be of interest to our Users and, as always, bee well.

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